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Babywearing – The Benefits Of Wearing Your Baby

It is common to see both female and male parents carrying their baby in babywearing wraps instead of strollers. Strollers are expensive products that society thinks we need to own to raise our kids properly. This technique is quite ancient, and different cultures around the world have used different styles of babywearing.

Women who work in farms tie their infant around their backs with a cloth so that they can proceed working while taking care of their baby.

Furthermore, companies have invested in this baby carrying method to make durable babywearing wraps.

Here Are Some Benefits of Babywearing:

1. Improves Health Conditions

Skin-to-skin contact is essential for the growth of the baby. From birth, the baby utilizes all of his/her senses to understand their surroundings, and it also helps in breastfeeding. It is scientifically proven that skin-to-skin contact can boost the health of babies and also increases the survival chances of premature babies. The babies carry bags are here to make it possible for you to keep them close throughout the day. This routine is also seen in animals, such as Kangaroos, who carry their newborns in their extended pouches.

2. Stress-free Convenient Lifestyle

As parents, we are always worried about our child. Where they are, how they are doing - are constant questions parents keep asking themselves. With the help of babywearing, your child will always be there with you. You wouldn't have to stress about where your baby is and if they are safe. Moreover, this way, your hands are completely free. So it doesn't your movements, and you can conveniently carry on with your work. You can do household chores, office work, paint, etc. Whoever said babies are a handful should get a baby carrier and experience this convenient hands-free lifestyle.

3. Comforts Your Baby

The baby needs skin-to-skin affection when they are crying. Usually, babies cry because they are hurt, hungry, or need attention. To get attention from their parents, infants instinctively cry and become irritated. Parents live a busy life, and it is inconvenient for them to keep running to soothe their baby or to give it attention. Due to the babies carry bags, infants are always attached to their parents, and it soothes them. The skin-to-skin contact quickly calms them down like a lullaby. The babies tend to cry less and be happy more often, which leads to happy and satisfied parents.

4. Easy Nursing

Breastfeeding a baby is a slow and patient process. Breast milk has proteins that can be quickly digested and absorbed by the body. This results in constant hunger pangs in babies. As a busy young mother, you might not have adequate time to hold the baby for breastfeeding. With the help of these magical wraps or slings, you can quickly start nursing and breastfeeding your newborn. It is also beneficial in discreetly breastfeeding your baby in public. It might take additional time and practice to be good at it, but once you understand how it works, you can feed your baby in public without worrying about the stares and judgments.

5. Aids in Reducing The Risk of Postpartum Depression

It is a type of depression mothers suffer from after they give birth to the child. It arises because of the mental and emotional connection between the fetus and the mother. She carries the baby for 9 months in her womb, and it becomes a part of her. After birth, there are void feelings in the mother, which can deteriorate her mental health. This is nothing but postpartum depression. Due to the constant connection between the baby and the mother, the mom feels better about herself. She's continuously assured that her baby is right with her, and thus reduces the risk of suffering from postpartum depression.

6. Social Life

Having a baby means around the clock care for the baby. This will lead to less sleep, reduced eating, etc. New parents can barely find enough time to rest and work, let alone socialize. By babywearing newborns, you can find sufficient time to step outside the house and socialize with your neighbors. You can take a daily walk with your friends or go on a grocery run without any worries. Break the cycle of social isolation with the help of babywearing wraps.

7. Enhances and Builds up Bonds

Bonding or connecting with a newborn is a difficult task. It might be time-taking to get to understand what each cry means. The only form of bonding these babies know is through skin contact. It is tough to accomplish when there is a constant physical gap between the two. Babywearing resolves this issue and makes sure you spend ample time with your newborn to make a strong connection between you two. You will understand the needs of your child better, and therefore, take the correct steps to fulfill them.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Baby Carriers

1. Budget

 As mentioned earlier, there are different types of babywear available in the market. They are from different brands and have various features. You can identify any one of them that falls under your budget allowance.

2. Body Type

To wear your baby throughout the day, you need a strong back and shoulders. So consider if you can hold down the weight of the baby wear with the baby before you buy one.

3. Size and Age of the Baby

Babywearing is usually suitable only for newborns up to the age of 3. After that, toddlers rapidly grow in height and weight, which makes it tough for them to fit in a babywear. Furthermore, it is also difficult for the parent to carry the load. Take the size and age of the baby into consideration before buying the wrap.

4. Personal Preferences

Your personal preferences also matter when you're deciding the babywear. You can select from a medley of colors, fabrics, spacious features, and other characteristics.

As cute as they may be, we understand the struggles of taking care of a baby. It takes more than a village to hold down the fort. So go ahead and make your life simpler and happier by buying appropriate babywear for your little munchkin!
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