Use & Care

Using your Bdiaper

To ensure hygiene and comfort for your baby, we advise washing the diaper cover before first use. Once prepared, the covers can be worn throughout the day, only needing a change if they become soiled. We offer nappy pads that can be easily inserted into the diaper cover.

Disposal of Waste

For eco-friendly and safe disposal, remove solid waste from the nappy pad and flush it down the toilet. Wrap the soiled nappy pad in paper and dispose of it with your household's bio waste, similar to sanitary napkins. Proper bio waste disposal is crucial to prevent groundwater pollution and protect the health of our babies and stray animals that might encounter this waste.

Washing Bdiapers and Pouches

Bdiapers covers require washing only when dirty or soiled, not after every use. This ensures both the longevity of the product and the health and comfort of your baby.