Use & Care

Using your Bdiaper

Like any new piece of clothing for babies, it is always advisable to wash the shells and pouches before use. However once prepped, the covers can be used over the day without needing a change ( unless they get soiled ). Extra pouches are available incase a soaker leaks through. In the offchance of a leak, the mess will be contained in the pouch which can be swapped out for a clean one on the same cloth shell.

Disposal of Waste

We  recommend tossing the solid waste from the soakers into the toilet bowl and disposing the soiled soakers wrapped in paper with the other bio waste of your household ( like you would with a sanitary napkin) . It is important to dispose bio waste properly so it doesn’t mix with the regular waste polluting our ground water and making our babies sick. This is not good for the stray animals that sometimes feed on that waste. Their health is also our responsibility

Washing Bdiapers and Pouches

Bdiapers shells only need to be washed when they get dirty or soiled, not every time your baby wears them. The pouches could also be wiped cleaned and reused in a short supply situation however they should be washed atleast once a day.