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The Bdiaper Promise

Delivering Indias Only Rash Free Leak Proof Hybrid Diaper With Disposable Bio Soakers


Rash Free Hypoallergenic

Goodness of cloth with the convenience of chemical free disposables


Reduce & Reuse.

Minimum washing and maximum chemical free protection  


Complete as Clothing

Several matching Tees, Bibs, Head bands; a range of trendy accessories

Organic. Disposable. Different.

We created India's first Unique Hybrid diapering Solution. A cloth cover with a two-part detachable pouch system to ensure minimum washing and maximum protection; all the convenience of disposables and, there’s nothing cuter!


Safe for the Earth. Safe for your baby.

Each diaper comes with disposable bio soakers which provide rash free comfort and leak proof protection  like any other disposable diaper. These are made from plant cellulose and are free of nasty chemicals and dyes that make our babies sick. 


Video gallery

The Wonders Of Hybrid Diapers


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