7 Tips For Dressing Newborns During Winter

7 Tips For Dressing Newborns During Winter

Newborns have soft and delicate skin that needs to be protected against the cold, harsh weather. Babies are susceptible to all kinds of infections, and they can fall sick due to the weather changes. Winters are just a few months away, and it is time to stock up all your baby winter wear before they run out of stock. However, adding extra layers of baby wear won't do the trick. You want your baby to feel warm and fuzzy, not suffocated. To help you out, here's a guide on how to dress a newborn baby in winter. 

1. Cozy Winter Nap

Baby Wearing

It is always advised to wrap a thin layer of a blanket around your baby irrespective of the weather. However, through the winter season, the temperature can stoop down really low, and a thin blanket won't be sufficient to protect your baby. Switch to a thicker blanket, and wrap it little tightly around the baby. Make sure he/she has sufficient space to move his/her hands and legs, but not so loose that the blanket falls off. Before tucking them in for cozy winter night sleep, make sure the newborn's neck is not sweaty.

2. Layer Up With Your Bundle Of Joy

Layers are a crucial styling tip for all age groups. It is one of the most useful ways to shield yourself and your baby from the cold. Use layers of clothing, like muslin swaddle, for dressing up your baby in winter. For example, add a jacket as an added covering for warmth with the regular pants and top. You may use faux fur coats or woolen coats as they provide maximum warmth. You can also follow this layering tip when the baby is going to sleep. Please note that too much layering can do more harm than good. Keep checking the baby's temperature and ensure that they are not sweating underneath all those layers.

3. Baby Caps

Baby Cap

The chilly winter winds can make your baby sick - if you don't take precautionary measures. These winds blow over the baby's exposed head, which can lead to them crying, and eventually, they can develop a high fever. To prevent this, you need to make sure they are wearing hoods. It can be the jacket hood or a cute woolen baby cap. Many mothers knit these woolen caps by themselves, but they are always available online in varied colors and designs. They adequately cover the ears and the head of the baby. What's more? Babies look aw-adorable in those baby caps.

4. Modify Your Strollers

Baby Stroller

Your baby needs a breath of fresh air, and so do you. Parents and babies can't be cooped up all inside the house during the chilly weather. So you can add a transparent layer of a protective sheet around the stroller. The sheet should ideally have a zipper. This way, your baby is protected against the chilly winds and can witness the outside world too. This should be a must-buy on the newborn winter wear list. Your baby needs all the protective layers you can provide.

5. Car Seat Tips

Dressing up a baby in winter is a challenge, and yet another more significant problem is fitting your baby in the car seat with bundles of clothes. The easier way to fit your baby in the car seat without exposing it to winter chills is by removing the additional jacket or blanket first. After your baby is comfortably sitting and strapped in the car seat, add the blankets to cover them.

6. Socks And Mittens

The infant's feet and hands are all the time exposed to the environment. Little do parents know that this could also be the reason why your baby is frequently falling sick during winter. You need to also make sure that your infant is wearing socks and hand gloves, whether they are inside the house or not. This way, their tiny feet, and hands will stay warm and fuzzy. Moreover, adding socks before the baby wears shoes is also an excellent way of layering up. The hand mittens apart for being an essential baby winter wear is also beneficial from keeping them clean and safe from bacterias in the environment.

7. Knits And Woolen

A vital tip to remember while dressing up baby in winter is to pay attention to the material of the cloth used to make the baby winter wear. Cotton is ideal for summer, and woolen clothes are suitable for winter. You can either buy woolen clothes or knit them at home. There are many knitting tutorials on the internet to help new mothers make winter clothing for their babies.

These pointers will ensure your precious baby is warm, fuzzy, and safe throughout the winter season. Every tip on this guide of how to dress a newborn baby in winter has been tried and approved by young parents. Winter is here, so run out and get the essentials to prepare yourself for this stormy cold season.

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