How To Use Our Products

How To Use Bdiapers Hybrid Diaper Covers?

We created the first Hybrid cloth diapers in India with differentiated features to bring you a unique diapering solution. A cloth diaper cover that is complete as clothing bringing comfort, convenience, and planet loving designs.

A two-part pouch system to ensure minimum washing and maximum protection- all the convenience of disposable nappy pads plus, there’s nothing cuter!

Here's a quick video to show how to use Bdiapers hybrid diapers.


How to use SafetyB Silicone Diaper Fasteners?

SafetyB Silicone Diaper Fasteners are made from a stretchable, food grade non-toxic silicone. They have  grips on each end, which hook into the diaper fabric ensuring a snug-fitting diaper with enough natural movement for baby’s comfort.

Here's a quick video to show how to use SafetyB Diaper Fasteners.

How To Protect The Velcro Wash Tabs?

Please watch this important 10 sec video to protect the life of your velcro. We take utmost care in choosing our velcro and only use the best quality, to ensure it lasts over the several washes and beyond one baby.