Bdiapers Vs Other Diapers

A cloth diaper leaks for several reasons – the most obvious being hard water!

Hard water salts build up on the PUL and microfiber pads – causing them to smell of ‘ammonia’. These eventually repel water due to those salts and become unabsorbent

Cloth Diaper Leaks

Cloth diapers also need special washing (that extra hot water rinse ) as over time they build up on the soap and start to leak. This not only leads to those painful nights of precious sleep being broken! but also results in rashes..

We preempted all these issues and designed a cover that is completely leak proof and guaranteed rash free. 

How you ask?

Bdiapers covers come with a detachable pouch – which means less washing and more comfort! Now you can reuse the covers with a simple change of insert, or pouch!

The pouches can be wiped clean(or wash them if you wish, they dry in minutes) and can be swapped out for a fresh one in the same cover!

Another thing we learnt was that most mothers were already “hybrid”. Which means they use a combination of cloth and disposable diapers between overnight and going out, and the other for at-home playing or napping.

So we designed a diaper that gave you the option for both – in the same diaper!

Bdiaper inserts are stay dry and wick away moisture and while these are in the washer, you can always slap on our chemical free disposable insert in the same cover!

Bdiaper washable inserts are stay dry and wick away moisture.The best part is that they don't have microfiber as their top sheet , so they can be used directly against the babys skin.

Now let’s talk about the greater evil – commercial disposable diapers!

The main cause of rashes from disposable diapers is not only the exposure to chemicals, though that is a big reason – it is also the improper use of these diapers. 

Prolonged use of disposables leads to excessive chemical exposure on that gentle baby skin ( can you imagine being in something like that every day, for 3 years of your life!!) .

In the short term these chemicals react with the heat and moisture trapped in a “seal” created by diaper – this becomes a breeding ground for bacteria leading to painful rashes and other disorders. 

Bdiapers with its unique 2-part system allows for the flow of air, this that 2 big advantages – 

  1. With the use of cloth covers – there is no “vacuum” seal making your diaper  guaranteed rash free (while being leak proof)
  2. The option to use a washable insert breaks the cycle of exposure to chemicals for the baby

Logically speaking, this IS the most convenient diapering system available for any mom…one who is conscious of the environment (while wanting to keep the sanity) or one worried about the health of her baby while she is at work …

If you’re still not convinced – please browse through our stories to read some of our research ….

And use the token PC20 for an initial discount to get you started 

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