Quality Assurance

Bdiapers is a reusable/washable hybrid cloth diaper with disposable bio soakers. The life expectancy of the cloth shells depends on the number of pieces of bdiapers you have in regular rotation and the type of care they are given. We do expect our product to last through multiple children, but this is not a guarantee.

What is a quality defect? It is something that may have happened in the manufacturing process that affects the performance of the product. Typically it is apparent as soon as you check your purchase, and we apologize if something slipped passed our quality control.

Textiles that are dyed or printed may fade with time. Natural fading can be expected based on how items are cared for. There are many factors that can affect the durability of prints and colors, including, but not limited to, machine type, length of wash, detergent, water temperature, etc.

The Velcro used for your Bdiaper is especially sourced for its softness and durability over several washes. However the laundry tabs need to be secured during the washing process to maintain the ‘stick-ability’ of the Velcro. If it is left undone, and snags with other clothing in the wash process, it will get weak and eventually not work as intended. This may also happen incase your baby is ready to move to a larger size and has outgrown the current.

Over time there may be slight shrinkage of your bdiaper. This is normal and will not impact the fitting or size.

In case of a manufacturing defect, please email us with the following information: Item, Description of Issue and a  Proof of Purchase. You will then be contacted by our customer service team to resolve your issue.

A genuine case of a defective product will be promptly replaced. Items returned without proof of purchase or that do not fall under the warranty specifications will not be replaced. Warranty Information is void if care instructions are not followed properly or if the product has been modified in any way. Items will not be replaced for issues that are not deemed manufacturer’s defect.