About Us

Motherhood is the bliss that brings with itself many changes in your personality and life!

Writing this brings back vivid memories of those bygone days, that I can now cherish.  My first son was born in the US, where there were several brands of cloth diapers in cute prints (we were spoilt for choice). I tried a few and settled with FuzziBunz, because I liked their nifty sizing tape. I came back to India with my stash, a sprightly 8 month old and an aching will to bring Modern Cloth Diapers to my Indian counterparts. 

I figured with the help of the proverbial ‘nanny’ culture, MCDs would be a rage for our generally old school, Eco-friendly moms . 

With that in mind I started BumChum Diapers in 2013, India's first and only Modern Cloth Diaper brand. 

However I soon realized that even for moms working from home like myself, MCDs weren't really convenient. I found it hard to manage the washing, airing, folding, stripping, resizing and then cleaning up the occasional leaks.

I also realized that most of my customers were buying the diapers  for the "cuteness" . The others looking for an alternate to chemical laden disposables would commit to one or two, but wouldn't come back for more.

I was determined to raise my baby with the ‘healthy’ and committed to doing my bit for the environment. And it was around then that I started developing hybrids! An idea born out of my need to reduce trash, increase reuse and keep the convenience of disposables.

That was the start of the design of Bdiapers 

What’s a Bdiaper Hybrid

Hybrids are simply cloth shell covers with disposable or reusable inserts. Bdiapers is slightly different in that it is a true labor of love by a fan mom (yours truly). The cloth covers are designed in a 2-part system with a waterproof pouch that separates the “cloth” from the “diaper” making it as close to a disposable (yet it isn’t completely). 

cloth diaper cover with a separate pouch, red in color

The shell fabric is cotton spandex and has a lot of ‘give’ for our active babies. The coated pouches are fully waterproof (but not plastic) and will not ‘crack’ like a regular plastic or polyester over several hundreds of washes.

We use only imported Velcro, sourced for its soft and non abrasive texture on the baby's soft skin.

Each and every aspect of the diaper is carefully designed by an obsessive mom who always stressed on safety and comfort.

Bdiapers is affordable, healthy diapering. The shell covers are creative and simple and don't need a daily wash. Which means, you only need 1-2 till your baby is grown out of the size. 

We have large pack of disposables for moms who like to save. 

A Guranteed Rash Free Diaper

So Hybrid diapers took care of the affordable and convenient, now I only had to worry about healthy…which is when I designed the inserts.

Our current inserts and manufactured locally and hold as good as a diaper ( 3-5 hours depending on the age of the baby ) . These are dioxin, bleach, phthalates, dye and fragrance free.

The inserts use plant-based materials for absorbency and the SAP content being limited reduces the exposure to chemicals and the chances of baby developing an allergy or a rash. 

infographic of a insert and its absorbency

But the main reason for the diaper being rash free is the hybrid model. The cloth covers and pouches allow for the passage of air. Unlike a disposable diaper that can tends to create a 'vaccum seal ' type on the baby , the hybrid diaper reduces the growth of bacteria, making it a completely rash free solution. 

Doing our Bit for the Planet

I also like Hybrids for the reason of proper waste disposal and the limited use of disposables . The solids from the inserts can be tossed out and the insert can be wrapped in the newspaper and disposed as non-biodegradable separated waste (as one would with a sanitary napkin).

This is healthier, as solid waste needs proper disposal so it doesn’t mix with our ground water making our babies sick. Soiled diapers shouldn’t be left in regular trash, which is often consumed by stray animals (milk giving cows and dogs). Because we are also responsible for their health and well being.

Fun and Cute Accessories

As an added bonus, Bdiapers come with matching T shirts to complete the look. I realized that up to 2 years babies were mostly home, and in diapers …So why not make diapers a part of our babies’ wardrobe, rather than just an accessory.

And to cover your diapering journey and help you along the way we have launched several nifty accessories that you will love! My favorite of them is the SafetyB Silicone Diaper Fasteners. These are cute and safe, they don’t pose a poking hazard to the baby (they replace those large metal safety pins) and are made from food grade silicone. They’re also our highest selling accessory! Apart from these we have The Diaper Wash Sprays (that replace the use of chemical laden wipes), Soothing Baby Rash Balm (again premium natural ingredients, no preservatives) ,  Snap on Diaper Changing Pad, Anytime Bdiaper Caddy and several other accessories. 

This is my story and my journey into launching Bdiapers . I hope you enjoy my labor of love. Please give me feedback on what you think – whether you love it or hate it, I’d love to hear from you! 

Call at +91 6366675833 or email us at care@bdiapers.in