Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Section

Using your Bdiaper

Lay the diaper cover flat on a clean and dry surface, such as a changing table or bed. Take the nappy pad and position it in the center of the diaper cover. Use the release sticker to secure the nappy pad inside the cover. Make sure the extra paper is folded behind the nappy pad. It is okay to not stick the nappy pad on the cover. The leg gussets will ensure that the pads are in place while on the baby. Choose the appropriate diaper cover size for your baby.

Use our Diaper Sizing Chart to find the right size. The size chart is an indication, however all babies vary, so we offer a range of weights and ages for different sizes. You have to judge what fit is right for your baby. Often times babies go back and forth in sizes, for example, a newborn with chubby legs will fit an M and in 9 months after crawling/walking may fit an S.

We do not recommend using regular microfiber inserts as they can dehydrate the baby's skin and cause rashes. Microfiber should never be used directly against the baby skin - it is only suitable for pocket diapers.

Home-made cotton cloth inserts can be used with our diaper covers, as long as they have a stay-dry layer on top to wick away moisture. Wetness and moisture leads to bacterial growth, so we highly recommend using the Bdiapers nappy pads.

Yes, our nappy pads have a top sheet that stays dry and wicks away moisture from the baby's skin.

We have a separate line for newborns. Please visit our website for more details.

We have a newborn diaper cover and nappy pads. It's designed to be comfortable for newborns and closes at the back to avoid Velcro irritation. The newborn diaper cover can be used for at least 3 months, depending on the baby's growth rate.

Washing your Bdiaper

Before you wash your Bdiapers cover, ensure that the velcro is secured ( stuck together ) so that it doesn’t get weak or spoilt and retains its “hold” for longer. Wash the cover like any new baby clothing before first use. Once prepped, the covers can be used throughout the day, requiring a change only if they get soiled.

Wash Bdiapers covers only when they get dirty or soiled. They can be machine washed with regular clothing. Bdiapers covers can also be handwashed.

Use any mild detergent. Avoid detergents with heavy minerals.

Drying and Cleaning

Bdiapers covers dry in minutes in shade or in sun!

Yes, the covers can be spot cleaned as they don't directly touch the baby. Depending on the baby's age and activity level, one cover can last a couple of days.

Stains are common and don't compromise cleanliness. Spot cleaning the covers can help maintain the appearance of your Bdiapers. The poly cotton material used for these covers ensures stains don’t stick.

No, the inner cotton layer doesn't need cleaning after every use since the nappy pads have a waterproof bottom layer.

The nappy pads have an absorbency of 300- 600 ML, lasting approximately 4-6 hours depending on the age of the baby. For more details on the capacity of the nappy pads please check the website.

Storing Bdiapers for washing

Soiled diapers should be rinsed off immediately and put to dry.

Disposal of Bdiaper Waste

Toss the solids in the toilet bowl. Wrap the nappy pad in newspaper or regular paper and discard it with your household's sanitary waste. Solid waste from the nappy pad should be flushed down the toilet.

Proper disposal of biowaste is crucial to prevent it from mixing with regular waste, which can lead to groundwater pollution and pose health risks to babies and animals that may come into contact with the waste.

No, our nappy pads are not flushable. They should not be thrown in the toilet as they can clog the drainage system. Instead, dispose of them as segregated regular sanitary waste.

Although our nappy pads are free from bleach, dye, and fragrance, they are not biodegradable and cannot be composted. They should be disposed of with other segregated home sanitary waste.

Pricing and Shipping

The coupon code for your first purchase is BDIAPERSLIFE. You can use this at checkout to avail a discount on your order.

Yes, we offer international shipping. Please provide your location, and we can inform you about the shipping options and costs.