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Tips For Diapering When Traveling With A Baby

Traveling with your little munchkin is one of the best ways to create beautiful memories. No matter what their age is, each travel destination teaches a lot of real-time learning to babies and also parents. Be it the surreal destination, family bond, photographs, yummy delicacies, everything about traveling with babies is amazing except dealing with the diaper. Welcome to raw parenting.

Even when your child is toilet trained don’t forget to carry diapers to prevent unwanted accidents. When you are traveling with a baby, be ready to deal with messy, soiled, and bulky diapers. The inconvenience is for real.

Here is the list of 10 best Tips for Diapering when traveling with a baby:

1. Change Before Boarding Flight/Train 

The chances of finding a changing table while traveling is bleak. Fortunately, many airports and railway stations do have "Baby rooms" where you can conveniently change the diapers in a hassle-free way. Disposables while traveling on the go is a savior for sure. 

2. Do the Math 

It is best to figure out the total number of diapers required for the trip. It is always advisable to bring plenty of extra diapers. This will avoid a last-minute rush to the chemist store searching for diapers. Using Hybrid Diapers is your best option, they work with disposable inserts and very trim covers making them easy to carry and stash away (the soiled) inserts.

3. Hybrid Cloth Diapers are your Best Friend While Travelling 

When you are traveling with baby, pack less, and look for better alternatives. Hybrid diapers occupy less space in your travel bag and the shells can be reused again. All you need is to discard the cloth inserts. The best part is, no messy soaking, cleaning and drying.

The detachable pouch system ensures more convenience and less bulk. Don’t forget to carry extra waterproof pouches. 

With Hybrids, you don’t need to worry about diaper rashes because the inserts are dye, dioxin, and chlorine, and chemical-free. Just clean the baby bottom with soothing bottom wash spray and prep up the baby with soothing diaper balm before putting on a diaper. You may also use any cloth insert (not microfiber) with these Hybrid Cloth Diaper Covers. 

4. Make sure you use Smart Accessories while Travelling 

A frisky baby is enough work, and you don’t want to be caught with messy hands or too many soiled cloth diapers that just add to your luggage. Clean hands to pass snacks are of utmost importance, especially to ensure an illness-free holiday. This is why it is best to use smart accessories like the roll-on Bum rash cream – to make sure no fingers need to be used. Or a diaper wash spray to not have to wet your hands with messy disposable wipes.

What’s also great is that these products are generally organic and made from natural ingredients to ensure the health and safety of your baby and you. 

5. Preparation for a Road Trip

Preparation for road trip

Be prepared to change the baby's diaper in the car when you are on a road trip.  Use the trunk of the car to change a diaper in a hassle-free way, transform the passenger seat as a diaper changing station. A compact changing pouch is a very handy essential accessory for these trips.

6. Distractions

Changing the diaper of an active toddler is nothing less than a roller coaster ride. Even having 6 or 7 hands won't be enough sometimes. A good distraction is the only thing that works as a savior while diapering the baby.  Hand over a toy or a rattle, teether, or simply any essential (as long as it’s organic and non-toxic) so that child is engaged and the job is done.

7. Do not Practice Potty Training 

Potty Training

Traveling could be crazy for both kids as well as toddlers. Avoid potty training just before a big trip or even during the trip. Using diapers in traveling is the only solution if your child is not potty trained completely.

8. Overnight Diapers

To minimize the total number of diaper changes while traveling on a plane or train, use reliable overnight diapers. While using Hybrid Cloth Covers with Disposable Chemical Free Inserts, using two inserts together is recommended for a sound wet free night's sleep. Before putting on the diaper do not forget to apply soothing diaper balm to rule out the chances of redness and rashes. If the diaper is soiled, it is best to change immediately.  

9. A Compact Diaper Bag 

While flying with a baby, always carry a compact diaper bag with you especially one with a changing pad attached.

Diaper Essentials

The diaper bag should include essentials like 3 sets of diapers, soothing bottom wash spray, soothing diaper balm, changing pad, and hand sanitizer and a distraction toy. It should have a sling long enough for you to not have to ‘elbow’ the bag and be able to sling it over your shoulder with the baby in tow. Compact bags are extremely handy when you are on the go.

10. Changing Station At Your Destination

As soon as you reach your destination, set up a diaper changing station. It could be a couch or small bed where you can prepare the baby, clean, and put on a diaper.  If you are on a vacation and are planning to stay for at least 2-3 days or more, especially a trip to the grand-parents, it is best to carry a Diaper Caddy – that way if you can easily convert every part of your space in a changing station. Now no need to leave the baby unattended to run a bring a rash cream or a wipe! Health, safety, and convenience are of utmost importance while traveling. After all, it is your holiday too!

Traveling with a baby can be an amazing experience when you have learned the art of hassle-free diapering of the baby. That does become easy as we plan better. 

Bon Voyage!

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