What are the best diapers for Newborn babies and Preemies?

Newborns and preemies have very sensitive skin. So, the choice of diapers for new-borns is of utmost importance. Whilst new-borns are at their purest form their immunity is at the highest coming from a pristine environment of the womb.

This is not the stage at which these babies should be subject to toxic chemicals to stress their immune system. This is the stage of peace and growth. It’s also the time babies need to be in comfort and natural environments. Using commercially available disposable diapers on new-borns is not only bad for their health but also takes away the comfort and warmth a newborn is used to in the womb, stressing them out further. 

When you prepare your hospital bag, you tend to take utmost care on choosing the right clothing for a newborn baby. You also use hand wash and sanitize everything before you put on your bub. Then how can we ignore diapers? We need to take the best care in ensuring comfort and health for your newborn while choosing the right diaper for them.

The good thing about newborns is that while the mother is postpartum, mom and baby are together at home a lot. The best diapers for a newborn should be completely chemical free, natural, and non-toxic. It is best to use GOTS certified organic fabric for making newborn nappies. Also, the fabric should be completely natural (no rayon or polyester, even in the trims).

A loose weave muslin cotton fabric is the best for this purpose. Muslin is beautiful in helping the passage of air, thereby reducing the growth of bacteria and keeping the baby healthy. Muslin also stays dry as the untreated fabric has its own oils making a barrier to keep the wetness away from the baby. Thereby preventing rashes. 

Muslin Swaddle

A good option to use on newborn babies is the regular ‘langots’ freely available in the market. However, these are very inconvenient to use due to several reasons 

  1. They get wet in one pee – wetting all the baby’s clothes that need to be changed. This if left unattended may lead to colds and allergies.
  2. The threads are hard to tie with a frisky baby. As a result, the diapers are loose and don’t provide a good fit to contain the leaks
  3. They are generally made from bleached fabric (pro tip: if it is pure white, it is bleached with chlorine and chemicals) exposing newborn to toxins and harmful chemicals. 

This is why many Indian households make diapers out of old sarees. Did you know why? Because old saris have been washed a hundred times removing the fabric of all the chemicals, bleach, dyes that may have been used to process the material before it was shipped to be made into a sari.

This, while it is a worthwhile exercise, maybe a cumbersome process. And most young mothers are now living in nuclear families away from their own parents and don’t’ have the knowledge and support to do this.

In India now, Bdiapers has solved that problem with their organic muslin (GOTS certified) newborn nappies. These nappies are made from unbleached, untreated organic muslin. With the cotton (fabric) retaining its original oils, these nappies are not only comfortable for the babies, but they also stay dry (due to the weave of the material) and hypoallergenic.

Newborn nappies

These nappies have a unique and smart design keeping in mind the comfort of new-borns and preemies. They have an ‘umbilical cord snap down’ button for the 1st week of use. The cord stump of the baby needs utmost care as it can get easily infected leading to several exhausting trips to the pediatrician. The snap-down helps in this period making it comfortable for the baby, giving time to the stump to dry and fall off naturally. 

The nappies come with “safetyB silicone diaper fasteners”. These pins are non-metal, hence pose no poking hazard to the babies. They are made from food-grade silicone and are easy to use. They’re easy, safe, simple and make cloth diapering much easier, even for grand-parents with arthritic issues. Now there is no need to pinprick yourself while diapering the baby, at the same time removing the hazard of pinpricks for babies as well. 

These clips help provide a snug fit nappy making it leak proof and reducing any chance of blowouts.

The nappies are designed to fit babies 0–3 months of age. After this age, Bdiapers have hybrid diaper covers with disposable chemical-free inserts.

These make a great, guilt-free, eco-friendly gift for your friends. So, don’t stop. If you have a new-born on the way, or a friend with a newborn, go ahead and shop away!

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