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10 Baby Essentials You Should Buy Before Birth

Being a recent parent is not only a moment of extreme joy but also comes with lots of responsibilities. The internet is filled with baby products, and shopping for essential things can be a daunting task for the already overwhelmed first-time parents. The responsibility of keeping your baby safe and comfortable is covered with this list of crucial baby things to buy before the birth of your little bundle of joy.

Be prepared to welcome your baby in the world and cherish bliss moments without having to worry about last-minute shopping trips with this ultimate baby essential checklist.

What to buy for a baby before birth?

It is indeed true that you cannot have all the stuff that your baby needs, but getting the essentials before your baby is born is a wise choice. Here is a list of 10 essential baby things:

1. A well-slept Baby is a Happy Baby

Your baby will need a comfy spot to sleep in. A bassinet is the first most essential thing a newborn baby needs. It will be a great product to start with, and once your baby outgrows the bassinet, you can preferably switch to a crib. You’ll also need a comfortable mattress, soft sheets, swaddle blankets, and pillows to support your baby’s neck. Don’t go for those fancy sheets and blankets available in the market, instead choose soft cotton sheets and swaddle blankets for your baby.

2. Diapers

As a to-be parent, the first advice you would have received when shopping for baby essentials is to stock up on diapers and its products like diaper rash cream, wet wipes, changing mats, and dustbins and garbage bags. You can either opt for disposable diapers or cloth diapers. We recommend using reusable cloth diapers by Bdiapers. Made with 100% organic cotton, these diapers will be incredibly soft on your baby’s fragile skin.

The company also offers a wide variety of hybrid diapers. They are a cloth shell, like cotton nappies with pockets to insert reusable or disposable inserts. You can also get highly absorbent nappy pads to insert inside organic muslin nappies. 

Shop for hybrid diapers and diapering essentials like diaper fasteners, disposable organic inserts, and soothing diaper balms from Bdiapers.

3. Clothes

Your little bundle of joy will go through bundles of clothes such as sleepsuits, t-shirts, caps, socks, mittens, bibs, and swaddle cloths. While swaddle cloths and napkins will last longer, your baby will definitely outgrow his/her baby clothes in the first three months. For clothes shopping, we recommend buying baby essentials for the first three months only. You can keep a few extra sets in a bigger size beforehand, but shopping for baby clothes as your baby grows will be better. Bdiapers brings you organic cotton t-shirts to match with your hybrid diapers. Choose soft fabrics like muslin cloths for bibs, swaddle towels, burp cloths, and nappies, to keep your baby comfortable.

Get 100% organic muslin cloth swaddle cloths, bibs, and birth clothes at Bdiapers.

4. Feeding essentials

It doesn’t matter if you are opting for breastfeeding or bottle-feeding; we recommend being prepared for both the cases to prevent any last-minute rush. For mom’s planning on breastfeeding, you’ll need nursing clothes like nursing bras, nightwear, and button-up tops to easily feed your baby and breast pads to soak up milk leaks. You also get a breast pump to make nighttime feedings easier. For bottle-feeding your little one, you’ll need baby formula, feeding bottles, bottle cleaning brushes, and sterilizers, and bibs and muslin cloths. We recommend getting baby formula from 2-3 different brands and selecting one that suits your little one the best. 

5. Bathing

For keeping your baby clean and hygienic, you’ll mostly need a bathtub for your baby. Also, get soft towels for your baby’s delicate skin. To bathe your little one, opt for organic, mild shampoos and soaps. For after bath time baby essentials, have good quality hair and massage oil and baby cream. We recommend buying these products from 2-3 three brands in small packs and select the ones that suit your baby. You also get bath toys as your baby grows, to make bath time fun.

6. Baby Gear

Preparing yourself for your baby also involves preparing your house and car for the baby. You’ll need car seats, a stroller for taking your baby out in the sun. For your evening walks or times when you need to keep your baby close, opt for a kangaroo-pouch baby carrier to carry your baby around. As the baby grows, you can invest in a rocker, baby swing, and bouncer, etc. 

7. Safety

Keeping your baby safe will be your utmost priority. As your young one grows and starts to wonder about, keeping them away from harm will get complicated. Invest in good quality and durable safety gear such as playpens, stair gates, windows and cover catch, plug socket covers, nightlights, furniture corner protectors, and many other similar protective gear. 

8. Baby Essentials When Going Out

When going out with your baby, you’ll need secure and comfortable car seats and diaper bags. Check if your car seat fits perfectly before buying. For a diaper bag, opt for the one which has separate pockets for all your stuff. 

9. Health

Even though you’ll be visiting your pediatrician for daily check-ups and vaccine shots for your baby, it would be helpful if you keep a few things like thermometers for late-night emergencies. Keep nail clippers, scissors, softs hair baby brush, and chemical-free detergent as well.  

10. Toys

Last but not least, babies love all things colorful. Add soft toys, bath toys, crib mobiles, and rattles to your baby essential shopping list and keep your baby entertained for hours. 

Shop smart for your baby with the ultimate baby essential checklist and save yourself from last-minute shopping sprees.

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