baby in smart alec hybrid diaper with mother
smart alec hybrid diaper cover
smart alec diaper cover open view
chemical free disposable bio soaker inserts
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Load image into Gallery viewer, smart alec hybrid diaper cover
Load image into Gallery viewer, smart alec diaper cover open view
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Smart Alec Hybrid Diaper Cover With Disposable Inserts

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Material Inner Pouch

Material Outer shell

The dude chooses his outfit even before he can say the word ‘outfit’. His style is simple, stylish – he enjoys attention but will hide behind mom when anyone speaks to him. His favorite past time; going through the 1000s of videos of himself that his doe-eyed, helplessly in love - mommy and daddy have been taking.

Bdiaper is India's only hybrid cloth diapers that can hold a reusable and disposable insert. These work in a 2-part system with a cloth shell and a detachable pouch. The cloth diaper shells are made from plush cotton fabrics that make for a comfortable and stylish clothing. While the pouches that hold the disposable inserts are waterproof and leakproof and do not ‘crack’ despite several washes.  The pouch attaches to the pants with Velcro

These come with 15 chemical free disposable insets. Our disposable pads fit in the hybrid diaper covers for maximum absorbency. These are made from nontoxic, bleach free, plant based fibre making them naturally antibacterial and easier on the baby’s sensitive skin.  The inserts are dioxin, fragrance and dye free hence hypoallergenic

 Using your Bdiaper

Like any new piece of clothing for babies, it is always advisable to wash the shells and pouches before use. However once prepped, the hybrid diaper covers can be used over the day without needing a change (unless they get soiled). Extra pouches, disposable and reusable inserts are available at our website. In the off chance of a leak, the mess will be contained in the pouch which can be swapped out for a clean one on the same cloth shell.

 Disposal of Waste

We recommend tossing the solid waste from the inserts into the toilet bowl and disposing of the soiled inserts wrapped in paper with the other biowaste of your household (like you would with a sanitary napkin).

Washing your Bdiapers:

Remove the pouch from the cloth diaper shells and wash both separately.The most important care you need to take while washing your Bdiaper hybrid diaper is to secure the laundry tabs to protect the velcro. Fold the velcro (hard part) onto tabs (soft part) before washing so they don’t come undone and snag onto other clothing. This prolongs the life of the velcro and helps maintains its strength over several washes.

For the pouches, hand wash them as much as possible. Air-dry (they'll dry in minutes!). No bleach, no vinegar. They can even be wiped clean if not very soiled

Washing Out Stains

Stains are a normal part of raising small babies and a stain on a hybrid cloth diaper does not indicate that the diaper is dirty. However, spot cleaning a stain on the shells or sun drying the reusable inserts would be some ways to help keep your Bdiapers looking like new.

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