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"Poop Loading" Cloth Diaper with 30 Disposable Nappy Pads

"Poop Loading" Cloth Diaper with 30 Disposable Nappy Pads

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Who doesn’t enjoy potty humour? We definitely do :) ..our “Poop Loading” print is available for those light-hearted moments!

The Bdiaper is India's first fully hybrid cloth diaper, capable of holding both washable and disposable inserts/nappy pads. The cloth diaper covers are reusable and washable, and they may be reused the same day with a simple insert change. The elastic gussets on the diaper cover allow air to move through, making the diaper rash-free. These pouches are disposable in size and provide a leak-proof fit for all diaper inserts.

The textile shells are trim and made with T-shirt material, making for comfortable and fashionable apparel. The interior lining is waterproof and leak-proof, and it does not 'crack' like regular plastic. Velcro allows for adjustment of the diaper to provide a snug fit.

These diapers are eco-friendly since employing nappies ensures correct waste disposal. The nappy pads are made from wood pulp and are 60% biodegradable.

. They do, however, have a leak-proof plastic back sheet. This sheet must be removed before the nappy pads may be composted. Bdiapers’ reusable nappies, which are washable and can be used at home/indoors, are also available separately.

The pouches are compatible with any washable inserts that can come into contact with the baby's skin (not microfiber).

Each pack contains 30 chemical-free disposable nappy pads. The nappies are free from latex and bleach and are completely healthy. They are rash and allergy free as they are made from plant-based fiber making them naturally antibacterial and easier on the baby’s sensitive skin.

Each nappy pad has a 400-600 ML capacity and works like a diaper for 4-6 hours without leaking depending on the age of the baby. For nighttime diapering and heavy wetters, you can use double nappy pads.


Bdiapers are healthy, as the hybrid system allows for the passage of air, reducing heat, moisture and any chance of bacteria.


With the option to use a washable or biodegradable insert, Bdiapers is more cost-effective than any other cloth diaper. You don’t need a stash to make the system work and each insert holds for 2-4 hours, making them much cheaper than diapers.

Environment friendly:

Bdiapers helps boost reuse, minimize garbage, and maintain the convenience of disposables.


There is no need to worry about washing, airing, folding, resizing, or spill cleanup. We halt the cycle of chemical exposure for the infant by using eco-friendly nappy pads. Plant cellulose is used to make biodegradable nappies. They have gel content to boost moisture-holding capability.


We noticed that babies spent the majority of their time at home and in diapers for up to two years... Make diapers a part of your baby's outfit rather than just an accessory with these cute and trendy cloth diaper covers in the most fashionable designs.

Bdiapers is easy to use: open the pack and remove the cloth diaper cover, then insert the disposable nappy pad; these nappy pads can be stuck into the cloth cover or simply put.

It is now ready to use. Cloth diaper covers can be used with any inserts, reusable or disposable. For night time, you can use 2 washable nappy pads together for a heavy wetter.

It is usually good to wash the cloth covers before use, as with any new piece of baby clothing. Bdiapers cloth diaper covers don’t need a daily wash. They can be washed when they become filthy or soiled.

They may be laundered in a standard wash cycle with any mild detergent of your interest, with other regular clothing. Cloth/washable nappy pads need a bit more specialized care. Separately wash your cloth inserts in the washing machine on hot.

Use a mild detergent that is free of bleach, softeners, and brighteners. A final rinse will ensure that all detergent is washed out of the fabric inserts. Line dry or machine dry on medium. If your infant is using washable inserts, avoid placing barrier cream on them since the cream is difficult to wash off and can reduce absorbency.