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Lovebug Hybrid Diaper inside
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Lovebug Hybrid Diaper Cover, Matching T shirt & Disposable Inserts

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 The diva, loves playing dress up and copying mom, her only idol and her (first) biggest fan! She is playful yet calm. Her eyes are affectionate yet defiant. She is tough, she can be a handful but we all know that when it comes to showing love, she is the only one mommy and daddy turn to! She is their world as much as they are hers.

Bdiaper is India's only hybrid cloth diapers that can hold a reusable and disposable insert. These work in a 2-part system with a cloth shell and a detachable pouch. The cloth diaper shells are made from plush cotton fabrics that make for a comfortable and stylish clothing. While the pouches that hold the disposable inserts are waterproof and leak proof and do not ‘crack’ despite several washes. The pouch attaches to the pants with Velcro

The 15 disposable inserts that come with this set are chemical, bleach, dye and fragrances free. These are made from wood pulp for absorbency hence are hypoallergenic and environment friendly. They are good for the baby sensitive skin and are eco-friendly as they reduce toxic waste and ensure adequate waste disposal

The matching T shirt that comes with these diapers makes the diaper sets a complete clothing. The T shirts are 100% cotton and have a wide neck for easy wearing. The T shirts have a custom length so they don't 'ride up' every time a baby is carried.

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