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Extra Large (2yr-3yr) Washable Cloth Diaper with 30 Bamboo Disposable Nappy Pads

Extra Large (2yr-3yr) Washable Cloth Diaper with 30 Bamboo Disposable Nappy Pads

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Bdiapers Hybrids are innovative – cloth shell covers with either disposable or reusable inserts. A waterproof ‘pouch’ sized cloth diaper separating the cloth from the diaper, offering a near-disposable experience. The cotton shell fabric accommodates active babies, while the coated, waterproof, non-plastic pouches endure hundreds of washes without cracking. Every detail of these diapers is meticulously crafted by a dedicated mom, emphasizing safety and comfort. Bdiapers are affordable and practical. The shell covers, requiring infrequent washing, mean you only need 1-2 per size for your baby. A range of options for disposable nappy pads allows you to use what suits your baby in terms of size and absorbency.

Each pack contains 30 chemical-free disposable nappies. The nappy pads are free from fragrances and dyes and are completely healthy. They are rash and allergy free as they are made from plant-based fiber making them naturally antibacterial and easier on the baby’s sensitive skin. Each nappy pad has a 500-600 ML capacity and works like a diaper for 4-6 hours without leaking based on the age of the baby. For nighttime diapering and heavy wetters, you can use double nappy pads.

Why would you not choose a cloth diaper that works like a disposable! No Daily Wash, Slim Fit, and Sized Just Like Disposables. It’s time to save your baby’s health and the planet - experience Convenience, Affordability, and Adorable Designs!

Lay the diaper cover flat on a clean and dry surface, such as a changing table or bed. Take the nappy pad and position it in the center of the diaper cover. Choose the appropriate diaper cover size for your baby. Gently lift your baby's legs and slide the diaper cover underneath, making sure it aligns with their waist and leg openings.

Bdiapers covers require washing only when dirty or soiled, not after every use. This ensures both the longevity of the product and the health and comfort of your baby.