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Trial Pack GIRL (3 Covers, 120 Inserts, 2 Washable Inserts)

Trial Pack GIRL (3 Covers, 120 Inserts, 2 Washable Inserts)

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Bdiaper B-pouch is India's only fully hybrid cloth diapers that can hold a reusable and disposable insert nappy pad. 

The covers are washable and reusable and can be reused in the same day with a simple change of insert.  The elastic gussets on the diaper cover  allow for the passage of air making the diaper guaranteed rash free. These pouches are sized like a disposable and create a leak proof fit for all diaper inserts.  The cloth shells are made trim with T shirt material that make for comfortable and stylish clothing. The inside lining is waterproof and leak proof and does not ‘crack’ like ordinary plastic. The pouches can be adjusted with Velcro.

This starter bundle gives you three covers and 120 nappy pads that can lasts anywhere between 15-20 days depending on the age of the baby. The covers will last until your baby grows out of that size.

Along with this you will receive 2 washable inserts (120 ML capacity). These can be used for when the baby is at home or napping in the afternoon. It can be used for 'diaper free' time. 

Each insert has a 400-600 ML capacity and works like a diaper for 4-6 hours without leaking depending on the age of the baby. For night time diapering and heavy wetters, you can use double inserts.

Also available separately are Bdiapers reusable inserts that are washable and can be used for home and indoors. The pouches can be used with any washable inserts that can be used against the baby's skin (not microfiber).

Pack Includes: 

120 nappy pads

3 B-pouches (Book Worm, Night Owl, Smart Cookie) 

2 washable inserts 

Key Features:-

  • Covers can be reused several times in the same day
  • Guaranteed Rash free with leg gussets allowing air passage
  • Soft leg elastic to prevent leaks
  • Disposable Inserts are latex, dye and fragrance free 
  • Insert use plant based absorbency hence hypoallergenic and guaranteed rash free
  • Sized diapers to provide a leak proof fit
  • Matching T shirts and accessories available separately