Why Hybrid

Bdiaper was conceived to fulfil the need for a healthy, rash free disposable diaper. When we started out as parents, choosing the right brand for the scorching Indian summer was hard and modern cloth diapering was a hassle with all the other work that came along with a small baby. Thus was born the idea of a hybrid diaper that is as natural and complete as clothing. Bdiapers is a diaper that is both reusable and disposable.

Bdiaper Hybrids are a 2-part system that can hold both reusable and disposable soakers. The cloth shells are made from plush cotton fabrics that make for comfortable and stylish clothing, while the nylon coated pouches that hold the disposable soakers are waterproof and leakproof, not 'cracking' despite several washes. Our Bio soakers are disposable pads that fit in the covers for maximum absorbency. These are made from nontoxic, bleach free, plant based fibre making them naturally antibacterial and easier on the babys sensitive skin. They are dioxin, fragrance, dye free and hypoallergenic

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