The Hybrid Way

Bdiapers is India's only Hybrid Diaper System that consists of reusable and cool cotton covers, a swappable waterproof coated fabric pouch and completely chemical free disposable inserts. Sized to fit like any commercial disposable , these covers don't need a daily wash and can be used throughout the day with a simple change/swap of a disposable insert and in the case of a heavy mess, with a change of the coated fabric pouch. 

Bdiapers gives you the best of both worlds replacing chemical filled disposable diapers with a guaranteed rash free system and providing a washable diaper cover that is convenient and affordable. 

The Rash Free "System"

We call Bdiapers a system and not just a diaper because it is the combination of our cover, pouch and chemical free disposables that together provide a guaranteed Rash Free diapering experience by ensuring:

  • Sustained airflow preventing the buildup of moisture and bacteria
  • Chemical free soft-as-cotton leak proof pads touching your baby's soft skin

Convenient and Affordable

The Bdiapers system is as convenient as using disposables, minimising all the washing and stripping involved in Cloth diapers. In India's hard water conditions, we found that all types of reusable inserts loose their absorbency over time and stripping them of their chemicals is no easy task. This is why we designed our own disposable chemical free pads that keep your baby dry and offer you the convenience inherent in disposables. 

Cost for Disposable Diaper Moms

When comparing with disposable diapers, you will find that soft disposable diapers are 85% more expensive and the natural, chemical free disposable diapers are 150% more expensive than the Bdiapers system. 


 Cost for cloth diaper moms

If you are a pure cloth diapering mom who only uses cloth diapers and never sneaks in the occasional chemical filled disposable at night/day/travel situations then stop right there - we salute you and will leave you be. You will be washing, stripping and drying everyday for two and half years and we can only hope you and all of us have plenty of water for all time to come. If you want to enter a world of comfort and convenience while ensuring you never let any chemicals touch your baby's soft bum, you will save over 100% on cloth covers if you use Bdiapers patent pending pouch system. We guarantee you will never want to wash a pee soaked insert again!

One of the reasons Bdiapers is so much cheaper than cloth diapers without considering the additional cost of reusable inserts that would also work perfectly in our covers is our pouch system that allows you to quickly swap out pouches instead of having to have a whole new cover after every poo or pee. In most cases you will find the pouch to be completely dry and not have to change anything but the disposable or reusable insert. However, our costs envision your baby being an extremely heavy wetter and you having to change the pouch everytime. In reality, the cost savings are actually much higher!

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself our starter kit and find out how it feels  to have your cake and eat it too! 




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