Top 5 Organic Muslin Must Products For Baby

Top 5 Organic Muslin Must Products For Baby

What is organic Muslin ?

Organic Muslin is a pure, delicate, and breathable fabric derived from cotton. They are a plain loose weave of pure cotton which makes them perfect for a baby's delicate skin

Why is Organic Muslin the best for babies ?

Cotton muslin is one of the best and oldest woven fabrics in the world. Organic Muslin are plain weave cotton cloth and hence the best breathable fabric for baby, Baby’s skin is 30% thinner than us, and so they are prompt to atmospheric temperature, due to the loose weave structure in Muslin fabric, your baby’s skin will be pampered because of the good airflow it provides, And the most compelling reason to choose Muslin is the safety it provides to a baby, the fabric contains zero dye and chemicals. Choosing muslin over any fabrics gives you a ton of benefits for your precious little one.

List of 5 Best Organic Muslin Products

1. Sleeping Bag

If you have a kicky wriggly Baby, Sleeping Bag is a must-have product in your nursery shopping list. Babies usually tend to kick and wriggle during sleeping and they will end up on one side of the blanket and the sudden drop in temperature can affect the baby sleeping cycle and the scarier thing is the risk of suffocation while using a traditional blanket!  By using a sleeping bag you can eliminate the above issues and even sleeping bags act like sleep due for the baby as it tells in some way that it is sleep time.

BDiapers sleeping bag is a must-add product in your nursery shopping list! This is made with four layers of organic muslin, and ensures adequate temperature control, and keeps your baby cozy all night long. The material is breathable and gets softer with every wash. The longer zipper opening enables easy wearing and the sleeping bag is wide enough for any leg movement for the baby. This product is perfect for 0-9-month-old babies and comes with a size length of 29"

2. Drool Bib

Excess dribble can cause rashes and a cold damp chest is never a good idea, Bibs keeps the baby clean and it's easier to feed. BDiapers Organic Muslin Drool Bibs are super cozy and comfortable and are specially made for both mum and baby and our bibs have loops to hold the pacifiers so that way it can be used as a bib or burp cloth. The organic Muslin is lightweight and breathable which makes it easy to carry and wash and the fabric gets softer with every wash which makes it super durable. The BDiapers Organic Muslin Drool Bibs comes with very unique and aesthetically pleasing designs and colors

3. Snap Bib

Bibs are an imperative part of babies who go through teething and moreover having a bib prevents the baby’s cloth from staining through spit up, vomiting and food stain. BDiapers Organic Muslin Snap Bibs are made with 5 layers of organic Muslin and encourage its multiple uses as the baby grows. The size of these bibs allows for multiple uses including a tummy time blanket . BDiapers Organic Muslin Snap Bibs comes in a pack of two and have astounding designs.

4. Cloth Nappies

Having it in nature's way is a tough choice every mommy goes through. And choosing cloth nappies over a ton of disposable diapers has a special place in the array of those choices. So why Cloth Nappies? Disposable contains harsh chemicals, dye, and fragrance which raise the threat to our baby's delicate skin, as handy as it comes there are a lot of hidden cons with it and say no more about the harm it causes to nature and the waste management comes with it!  Above all cloth nappies are the safest option of all because of the way clothes engage with the baby's gentle skin and if it is organic muslin, there is no place for a headache. 

Our BDiapers Newborn Nappies are specially designed for babies up to 3 months they contain umbilical cord snap down to keep the area safe in the first week of the baby's life till the stump falls off. These are made from 100% GOTS certified unbleached muslin fabric hence would require a waterproof pouch, but as the Nappies are made up of several layers of fabric, they can hold the wet up to 1 hour without any additional effort. These nappies can be used with silicone pins to hold them in position and adjust the tightness. These pins are very safe for the baby as it eliminates poking risk to the baby. 

5. Swaddle

Muslin Swaddle

Swaddling is the way of wrapping a baby in a breathable cloth, like cotton or Muslin to keep the baby warmer and comfortable and apart from keeping the baby warm and comfort there are more benefits to add up, at the first days of an infant, they are likely to startle and disturb the sound sleep they have. Swaddling helps the baby's limbs to keep in place and they are less likely to startle if they are swaddled properly.BDiapers organic muslin swaddle is made with dual-layer organic cotton which provides the utmost gentle comfort for your precious one. The loose weave fabric permits air to circulate around the baby's body and provides adequate warmth regardless of every season. Our Muslin swaddle comes with the size of 47" which is generous to make them useful for multiple functions as the baby grows. The fabric aids to prevent overheating and reduce the risk of SIDs

There is nothing more important for a parent than the safety and comfort of their child and that’s where organic muslin has shown the worth

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