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Top 10 reasons why organic muslin is best for newborn babies


Top Ten Reasons Why Organic Muslin is Magical for Your Baby

If you are a new parent, even the smallest things can get overwhelming. Every parent wants the best for their child and will not compromise on anything for their precious newborn. The problem many new parents face is the lack of credible information on raising a child. "I heard it's good" is not always the best advice.  A big part of making  an informed decision is to know what  type of fabric you should use for your baby. Organic muslin is one of those age old fabrics that was originally used in many civilizations for multiple purposes. A History of Textiles in Egypt shows the dominance of flax, linen and muslin as the most versatile fabrics used . While the former two were used for more sturdy purposes, muslin, for its airy and giving nature was always used as a fabric for babies and delicate foods. But what is muslin? It is one of the softest and carefully crafted fabrics. While China has developed its own version of the fabric, the original weave of muslin from Dhaka ( Bangladesh) is considered the best.
Muslin is a fine, plain weave cotton fabric. It is a versatile fabric that ranges from soft and delicate sheeting to hard and coarse sheeting. The beauty of the fabric is that it becomes soft with every wash. Muslin is used for surgical / medical purposes as it provides heat in the winters and is a cool fabric for the summer. We recommend organic muslin for your newborn as an incredibly soft, breathable, and safe cloth that does wonders for your child's comfort.

Muslin cloth holds an array of benefits for your dearest little one.

Listed below are some important reasons you should switch to organic muslin :

1. Temperature

Your baby's skin is 30 % thinner than yours, so it is harder for him/her to adapt to new climates. Muslin is the perfect solution to this problem due to its open weave. Putting your baby in a muslin swaddle is the right option as muslin cloth for baby will keep them warm and snug. Muslin is also breathable , and keeps the baby cool during summers. The fabric allows good airflow helping the child to maintain his/her body temperature comfortably.

2. Burping

Burping helps the baby get rid of the gas that builds up in his/her tummy after feeding. Burping is also fun and gives parents some level of amusement. The only victim in this scenario is your clothes. Putting a muslin cloth over your shoulder while burping your baby spares your clothing from stains. Muslin bibs are great a an immediate towel to wipe the baby . Owing to the muslin cloth's open weave, it is easily washable and stays just as soft after each wash.

3. Comfortable swaddling

Muslin fabric is a very durable and flexible cloth. Putting your baby in a muslin swaddle is comfortable since it prevents the baby from rolling around and accommodates your baby. Muslin swaddles are best as the fabric has enough 'give' to make the baby feel not suffocated, yet comfortable and snug.  Babies like being swaddled and it is pure bliss to watch your precious baby enjoy a pampered and peaceful slumber in his/her snug muslin swaddle.

4. Bibs and Drools

Snap Bib What are The Top 10 Reasons Why Organic Muslin is Best for Newborn Babies - Hydrid Cloth Diapers hybrid cloth diapers covers, washable cloth  diapers, reusable cloth  diapers, disposable nappy pads, chemical free, rash free healthy nappy pads

Babies, for all their cuteness and beautiful big eyes, lack table manners. After all, they are just babies! They often spill food on themselves or their clothes. Giving them a bib to protect their clothes is a must. Muslin gauze fabric is also the best toothbrush for small babies. Easiest way to clean a babies mouth and prevent the growth of thrush is to wrap a muslin fabric around your finger and clean inside the babies mouth with vegetable gliserine or plain water. Muslin drool cloths are are great as the fabric is light weight and can be left around the babys neck. Muslin fabric is very absorbent and stay dry, and it is effortless to wash off food stains.

5. Teething

Teething is an unpleasant time for your little one. Having a muslin cloth for baby during this time is beneficial to both you and your baby. Because it is loosely woven, it does not cause damage to your baby's gums. Adding frozen milk or a cold spoon or a frozen carrot wrapped in a muslin cloth can help reduce the inflammation and pains of teething .

6. Nappy

Organic cloth nappies have the softness that gives the infant the comfort they need. Muslin is a great fabric for newborns. In olden days, our mothers used to cut up muslin saris to make nappies for the baby. As those saris were washed 100s of times stripping them of their artificial dyes, and making them softer and softer. Muslin newborn nappies are great for babies as they are airy, stay dry and get softer with every wash. Bdiapers muslin nappies are made of GOTS certified organic muslin , that preserves the natural oils in the fabric which is good for the baby. This fabric is also unbleached and untreated making it as natural as possible . Bdiapers muslin nappies also have an umbilical cord snap down to prevent injuries in the early weeks of use. These nappies come with silicone diaper clips to prevent any poking hazard for the baby. 

7. Safety

What is muslin fabric and why it is better than regular fabric are frequently asked questions. Organic muslin fabric is a safe alternative to regular cloth. During its developmental phase, the baby's skin is very porous and absorbs everything it comes in contact with. Chemicals and dyes used in regular fabrics can be harmful to the baby. Muslin is a soft, natural, and organic fabric that soothes the baby.

8. Affordability

Organic muslin cloths comes in a range of prices varying from very affordable to very premium. It is possible to pick on a price that suits your budget given the different variants, prints and weave of the fabric. While the organic version may be priced higher, muslin is amongst the cheapest natural fabrics, over linen and flax . It is easier to procure and in India, muslin is readily available both online and offline.

9. Social well being

The use of muslin fabric for babies is a very positive change for the environment. Organic muslin is eco friendly to process and cultivate. Cotton plants grow with little care or ground water and farming for muslin is easier given our climatic conditions in India and the East Asia. The method of farming organic cotton produces 94% less greenhouse gas. Farmers, too, enjoy the health benefits of higher yield and greater income.

10. Reuse

The last benefit on the list is probably the most important one. Baby muslin cloths, washed several times help strip the fabric of any toxics and bring our the softness in the fabric. These can then be used for other purposes like a face cloth, a duster, and many more possibilities.

At Bdiapers we also look out for our babies and bring out products that keep their baby's best interest and well being. Our fabrics are of the best quality and sourced ethically to ensure safety for your family. We urge you to try our muslin range at Firstcry and don't forget to try our newborn muslin nappies for your baby.
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