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The Modern Mom's Guide To Nappy Pads and Cloth Diaper Inserts

Nappy pads or nappy inserts are a very useful accessory in the entire diapering process. 

Research suggest , of all the expense parents incur on buying things for the baby, 70% of that is on diapers. Diapers are the single largest most wasteful expense a parent does, yet is is the most important. Because a single incidence of a rash can trigger a plethora of disorders that you would have to take care of for a long time. Or a constantly leaky diaper can disrupt crucial sleep and rest , both for the mother and the baby , which would hamper their growth and recovery respectively. 

This is why Nappy Pads are extremely important. Most of the Indian mothers are already "hybrid" in their diapering journey. Which means they already use a combination of cloth and disposable diapers. Nappy pads come handy in both these scenarios. Nappy pads make cloth diapering more convenient, and they also make disposable diapers more affordable. 

Nappy pad inserts come in different shapes sizes and forms. Here are a few easily available in India:  

Cloth Diaper Inserts

There are several types of cloth diaper inserts that mothers can use , based on their preference and choices.

Microfiber Cloth Diaper Inserts

Most common and affordable are the microfiber inserts. Microfiber is a fabric that is made from polyester, and is extremely light weight. It can hold a lot of moisture and is commonly used in cloth diaper inserts. Most cloth diaper inserts use several layers of microfiber to make the insert absorbent. However microfiber due to its dry, synthetic nature cannot be used directly against the babys skin. Microfiber tends to dry the babys skin and lead to rashes, allergies hence the top layer of inserts is always cotton or some natural fabric. Microfiber also attaches itself with soaps and hard water salts. Hence these inserts tend to leak after several washes and become less absorbent. 

Poly Cotton Cloth Diaper or Hybrid Diaper Inserts

Nappies are a more form of an under pant made of soft material and draped around the baby’s bottoms for absorbing the urine and the stool.

Nappies can be used for newborn babies and are available in several varieties and fabrics, cotton being the most used one as it is soft and comfortable for the baby as it is more breathable and easier to maintain but needs a lot of washing so disposable nappies or using nappy liners or pads is a viable solution.

Nappy Pads

Nappy pads are more a form of a disposable diaper that can be replaced as it gets full. In case the nappy pads are used, the baby’s bottoms are clean and do not get wet and can absorb more than just the cotton nappy.

When used by newborns, the need to be replaced several times as they are fed at one to three hours of intervals, they tend to pee and poo numerous times. These pads can be bought as per the baby’s weight mentioned on boxes, depending on S, M, L, XL. These liners with an adhesive coating can be attached to underpants and are comfortable since it does not move and allow the baby to enjoy.

Cloth Pads And Disposables

Cloth pads and disposables, both are a choice and can be chosen by parents as per their preferences. Having a differentiation helps to understand their usage better.

Even after studying the differences between the diapers and the nappy pads, one still feels the confusion, so the ideal would be to have something that is a combination of two and has the best from both, so Bdiapers has come up with the concept of something termed as the Hybrid Diapers.

Hybrid Diapers

Hybrid Diaper is a unique thought concept and below are the salient features for this company.

  • It is a diaper that can be reused as well as disposed of. So, one can choose as per their liking.
  • It is naturally made and is also a part of the wardrobe as one does not need anything extra to cover the diapers.
  • It is one of its kind with a cloth shell or a covering that is made from rich cotton that encompasses both style, comfort, and class.
  • The pouches for the liners are however made with a nylon coating and can withhold the inserts and do not them leak even if washed frequently.
  • The pads used are reusable and disposable with maximum absorption quality.
  • The inserts are made naturally from plant fibers, which are non-hazardous for the skin of the baby, do not use bleach or dyes, no dioxins and safe to be used on the baby’s skin.
  • Since no chemicals are involved in the making, one can be assured about its safety and quality for the health of the baby.
  • This 2-part diapers have an outer cloth shell as well as a pouch that can be detached with a pouch that can be attached to the pants with the help of the Velcro.
  • Due to the adhesive strip, one can secure it tightly to the pouch that is leakproof and waterproof. 
  • The diapers shells come in various trendy and alluring colors and designs that help the baby to look cuter and yet comfortable and stylish.

Apart from the features, it is easy to maintain, and below are the pointers to be borne in mind for maintenance of the diapers and the shells.

  • Since it is a complete set, one needs to wash both the parts separately.
  • The inner pouches are waterproof as well.
  • The chemical-free inserts to be used have no fragrance, are anti-bacterial, organically made, stay dry as the outer sheet helps to wade the moisture from the baby’s skin.

Easy to maintain and not too heavy on the pocket, Bdiapers is the best and the healthiest choice in the market for the baby today and does not harm the environment and keeps the baby healthy.

Bdiapers does not compromise on quality and has finesse and comfort doubled in one. A choice to be pondered upon, Bdiapers is surely the best investment for the baby today and always. A decision made by parents for keeping the child healthy while contributing towards the planet.

Why compromise on safety and quality when you can give the best with an organic essence of art, class, and comfort.”

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