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Potential Risks Of Using Scented Diapers

Will you believe us if we tell you, we have an ideal diaper for your baby? 

We all know that diaper dilemmas are real and it’s time-consuming. For the first two years, your baby will require constant diapering before the actual potty training; which for an eco-friendly mom means not only should you be mindful of the consumption of the diapers, but also pay attention to the kind of diapers you are going to invest in. There are numerous things that a diaper contains, which can likely harm your baby, one of those evils is perfumes. 

Remember that whiff of the sweet baby smell that comes when you open a fresh pack of disposable diapers? Those are artificial fragrances added to your pack to get your attention. Research suggests scent is the strongest trigger of memory and the driving force behind a consumer's purchase of a product. Manufacturers leverage on it to alter rational behavior and control our reactions towards a product. 

These scented diapers are full of toxic chemical products as they add a tinge of perfume between the absorbent core and the outer layers. These perfumes are artificial and normally contain citral compounds mimicking the essence found in orange and lemon oils. Not only are these fragrances environmentally toxic but also pose a threat to your baby’s sensitive skin in the form of painful rashes and allergies.

It might smell good - But, is it worth it? 

All new parents want to avoid the strong odor of baby poop that permeates the entire house. It is something one cannot get used to (despite all the love!). With scented diapers, we are made to believe that the strong odor of the baby’s urine/poop can be masked away. On the contrary, when it gets mixed with these chemicals, a terrible stench clouds the air which defeats the whole purpose of buying a scented diaper. 

Pro-tip: Keep that package back! 

Organic Diapers, are they for real? 

Many manufactures claim that their diapers are fragrance-free and organic. However, beware of such claims as sometimes diapers are made to ‘smell’ organic and lure parents into buying them. With the amount of plastic, petroleum, and artificial chemicals in the disposable diapers, it is very important to check the labels for manufacturing processes and warnings. 

Prolonged contact with chemicals can harm the baby’s immune system, respiratory system, and nervous system. The presence of carcinogens and dioxins with artificial dyes and fragrances pose the possibility of a liver malfunction. Studies also suggest that usage of chemicals in diapers during childhood can cause an increase in scrotal temperatures in boys, which tends to dull or in certain cases cause infertility. 

It is always suggested to invest in a safer brand of hybrid diapers that gives you the health of cloth and the convenience of disposables. The bio soakers with some of these brands use plant-based wood cellulose for absorbency and are fragrance, chemical, bleach, dioxin, and dye-free making them rash-free & hypoallergenic. 

So here is a pro-tip for young mothers - Check the packaging of the diapers before buying them. Make sure they mention labels as “perfume-free” or “scent-free” or “no artificial fragrance” on it. 
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