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Modern Cloth Diapers (MCDs)..How Good Are They Really?

Parents of the naughtiest kids, breakers of toxic disposable nappies; what choice do you have to save the environment and your kid’s health but, bring back the old cloth diapers with an urban twist!

It is true that when it comes to modern cloth diapers (MCDs) they seem like the new age ‘langots’ considered to be one of the best ways to go green. 

But, what we tell you might not subscribe to that logic!

Modern cloth diapers are not as eco friendly and convenient as you think. Not only do they contribute to increased greenhouse gases, but they can also cause serious problems if you are not careful with their use and care. We’ll break this down for you: 

What is in these MCDs? 

Unlike traditional cloth nappies that often need a change every time it is soiled, the modern cloth diapers come with inserts that are made of layers of microfiber to increase absorbency. So, what is the problem? 

We are myopic to the side effects of microfiber, which builds up salts and detergents over time leading to leaks and odors. Furthermore, it requires a great amount of maintenance: boiling, stripping, vinegar soaks to keep them absorbent. Microfiber inserts, unlike the regular soakers used in Hybrid Cloth Diaper Covers, cannot be used directly against the baby’s skin. They only work in a pocket style diaper and become soggy and heavy for the baby from the weight of excretions.   

Previously, when we said, it takes a lot of washing, we meant - Wash till you drop! 

If you are going for modern cloth diapers, it provides you with a long-term membership to be a human washing machine! Since it’s almost always the entire diaper that needs a change, you need quite a few MCDs to make it work. Which means an extra load of laundry just for these. This not only augments your water consumption, but the detergents released will also increase greenhouse emissions. 

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Is one size, the right fit? 

An additional advantage you usually come across on a modern cloth diaper is the property of One size fit. These diapers claim that they can be used until your baby turns 3! It sounds like a perfect solution, isn’t it? We will break the bubble for you! 

In life, there is never a one-size-fits-all! Same story with your diaper. Imagine all that fabric wrapped around your tiny baby's legs. Now imagine a newly walking toddler with all that cloth and the weight of his own excreta! Not a pretty picture, right? The diaper’s fit will become uncomfortable and disturbing for your toddler especially how often and how long the baby is strapped onto the diaper. Lack of natural materials (mostly polyester) makes the skin clammy and irritated leading to rashes. Additionally, when the diaper is wet it tends to sag and becomes heavy. You can also observe how their movements change with a heavy diaper.

For this very reason, hybrid diapers come in different sizes (S to XL) to make sure your baby gets the right fit around the legs and is comfortable at all times. Not everything can be replaced in life, but a diaper can certainly be! A disposable bio soaker (healthy chemical-free disposable inserts) is not just a safe choice but also a green one. 

Guess, it is time to say hello to hybrid diapers!
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