How To Care For Your Hybrid Cloth Diaper: A Simple Step-By-Step Guide

How To Care For Your Hybrid Cloth Diaper: A Simple Step-By-Step Guide

 Hybrid cloth diapers are designed to make every mommy's life easy. When it comes to cloth diapering, the hybrid system of diapers offered by Bdiapers, is the most reliable diaper for your child's morning and overnight needs. Besides, it is environment-friendly and works with both reusable and disposable cloth diaper inserts. Bonus: Attractive prints and colors make these popular among newborn cloth diapers since they are fashionable and trendy.

If you are a first-time mother and have no idea how to use hybrid cloth diapers, don't worry because using cloth diapers is simple and hassle-free. Therefore, before we get into how to take care of your Hybrid cloth Diaper, let us quickly look through the best way to use it.

The correct way to use a hybrid cloth diaper

Hybrid cloth diapers have two pockets for inserts, which makes it long-lasting. You won't have to change the diaper continually. When your baby's diaper is wet, you will have to remove the disposable pad or the reusable pad from its shell and replace it with a new one. Being a reusable diaper, you can wash your hybrid cloth diaper after using it two or three times to maintain hygiene. Fortunately, these diapers are naturally soft, have exceptional absorbency, and keep the babies and parents happy wherever they go.

How to take care of the hybrid cloth diaper and maintain its efficiency:

Now that you know how to use hybrid cloth diapers, it's time to learn all about washing cloth diapers. Sounds gross? Feeling a little squeamish thinking about poop and pee? Don't worry! Follow the steps outlined below, and your clothes, towels, sheets, and even your newborn cloth diapers won't ever smell bad.

Step 1: Remove all solid waste.

Washing a Bdiaper's Diapers with disposable Nappy pads or reusable diapers is unnecessary if it is not dirty. But if the diapers are soiled, you must clean it immediately. Trust me; you don't want to put a diaper with solids in a bag or your washing machine (especially if your baby is formula-fed or if you have introduced solid food into his/her diet). You'll need to flush the solid poop down the toilet first, before washing the hybrid diaper.

Step 2: Store the dirty diaper in a bucket or bag, if you're not ready to wash it.

Always keep a pail or bag ready if you are planning to store soiled hybrid diapers. If the diapers are not soiled, you can put them with your dirty laundry and wash it together. There is no need for extra work in this case. If the diaper has poop stains, you should keep them in a separate airtight bag to avoid staining your clothes. A reusable diaper doesn't require much cleaning if it is not that dirty, so avoid washing frequently. If you plan to store them in a basket before washing, sprinkle some baking soda to get rid of the smell of pee.

Step 3: Follow the laundry basics.

Before washing, it is advisable to read through the recommendations given on the diaper's website. Remember to use a mild cleaning detergent for the newborn cloth diapers. Don't try to clean the diapers with tiny detergent amounts, as it will not clean the diaper properly. More importantly, avoid any fabric softeners or water-repellent diaper creams.

Step 4: Make sure you use plant-based detergents.

Please ensure that the outer cover of the hybrid reusable diaper doesn't touch your baby, so that it doesn't require regular wash. Using heavy mineral-based detergents like Wheel can damage the cloth of the diaper. Plant-based detergents like Method, Seventh Generation (Powder), and Planet Ultra (Liquid) are mild eco-friendly options. While cloth diapering, you must remember that harsh detergents reduce the water retention of cotton clothing and make the cloth diapers look ragged. So, using high-quality plant-based detergents will keep your hybrid cloth diapers looking brand new, even after a few washes.

Step 5: Pay special attention to inserts.

When it comes to cloth diapering, cloth inserts require special care, a lot more than the outer shell of a diaper. It is advisable to wash the cloth inserts separately in hot water. Gentle detergents are the best to clean them, so avoid using bleach, brighteners, or softeners while cleaning your hybrid diaper's inserts. Avoid using any barrier cream on your baby while using cloth inserts as they stick to the cloth inserts and reduce absorbency.

If you have read up on how to use hybrid cloth diapers, you may already know that these baby-friendly diapers don't cause diaper rashes. Therefore, you can clean the inserts properly to rinse out all the detergent from the cloth insert, and it's good for use after a quick dry in the machine or under the sun.

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Step 6: Don't panic! Stains on diapers are normal.

Are there stains on the hybrid diaper even after washing? Don't worry! Stains on the hybrid diapers doesn't mean it's unhygienic. You can sun-dry the reusable inserts to keep it fresh and new.

Viola! You are a diapering expert now.

Now that you know all about maintaining the hybrid diapers you have bought for your little bundle of joy, don't forget to discard the disposable inserts with sanitary waste. Keep your baby and your environment clean, because the wellness of our society is our responsibility too. Check out best hybrid Diapers Bdiapers website and make your diapering journey stress-free.
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