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Top Diaper Rash Hacks For Your Baby

Before we plunge into the hacks of protecting your baby against the painful diaper rashes, let us first understand what causes it and how it can harm your baby’s sensitive skin.

So, as the name suggests, a diaper rash is a pretty common inflammation of the baby’s skin, usually characterized by a bright and angry red patch on the toddler’s bottom.

This can be because:

  • The diaper is not changed often.
  • Your baby’s skin is highly sensitive.
  • Wet diapers kept on for prolonged periods.
  • Chafing (this refers to a poor fit of the diaper).
  • Inherent allergies the baby may have to chemicals in the diaper.

These ailments are very common and though it irritates your baby, there is nothing to worry about. You can incorporate the following diaper hacks in your little one’s routine and help her steer clear from the pains of a diaper rash.

Check the Diaper Size

This is a rather conventional folly where mothers are often confused with the right size of the diaper for their baby. Diapers that are too big on the skin can lead to chafing while extra small diapers can constrict the air flow which can irritate your baby’s skin and lead to a nasty diaper rash. Checking for the right size can help alleviate this problem.

Disposable diapers are made of toxic chemicals that are not only carcinogenic but can also lead to skin inflammation. Using conventional diapers might impact potty training as children don’t feel the wetness and get used to doing their business in the diaper itself.

Choose Hybrid Diapers

The best way to approach this conundrum is to switch to hybrid diapers! Hybrid diapers are cloth shell covers with disposable inserts or nappy pads. These diapers are made of organic materials and come with disposable soakers which are skin-friendly, anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic and affordable as well. The cloth shell allows for a generous flow of air while disposable inserts help keep moisture at bay and prevent infections.

Bdiapers are hybrids that come in cute and trendy designs that makes diapering fun! These diapers are eco-friendly and chemical-free. And they come with cute matching accessories like T shirts and Bandana Bibs to make your diapering journey convenient and fun.

Birthday Suit All the Way

They are babies! We can allow them to run around naked. Take the diaper off for a while and allow the skin to breathe. Unlike common notions, it is healthy to remove diapers for some time in a day to help your baby adjust to a bum that is free from the weight of a diaper. Nap time or a good night’s sleep without a diaper can also help the skin to get back to its natural breathing state and negate a rash.

Change Often

We understand that changing diapers is a hassle and changing it often is no joy ride either. However, babies poop and pee into their diapers and exposure to these elements is not healthy for the baby’s skin. These can lead to some serious and painful rashes. It is important to change the diapers regularly in order to avoid any smelly situation. With hybrid diapers, you can quickly swap the insert with a fresh one using the same cover throughout the day!


The baby’s skin is soft and sensitive. Since they need to be washed often, it is very important to keep the skin clean and hydrated. Always use room temperature water or a natural product such as the Bdiaper Soothing Bottom Wash Spray to clean the baby's bottoms. Certainly avoid the use of chemical laden wipes which are the reason for allergies and painful rashes.. A soothing baby rash cream or a salve (like the Bdiapers Bum Salve) can be used after every wash to create a barrier that prevents bacteria from affecting the skin.
In addition to these very important hacks, there are several techniques that mothers can adopt to save their babies from the nasty diaper rash. In the end, the mother knows best and you must always follow your instinct in caring for your baby’s rashes. When it comes to babies, it is always better to err on the side of caution. That said, it is all about knowing what is safe for your baby and keeping the process as natural as possible.
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