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7 Diapering Problems Of a Newborn Baby

Most of us usually choose whether to use cloth or disposable diapers before we bring our baby home.

But anyway our little one is going to spoil the diaper about 8-10 times a day and 70-75 or more times a week! Diapering might seem hard for a newborn, but with a little patience and tips, you can make your baby safe and healthy.

And well, diapering comes with loads of headaches, here are the top 7 newborn diapering issues we encounter.



Choosing the right size comes first in the whole diapering journey, lack of awareness in this area can cause several issues, including severe rashes and health problems. Don’t just blindly choose the diaper according to the baby’s age. Always choose the diaper by comparing how much your newborn weighs. And you can even find hybrid diapers that can be size adjustable. BDIAPERS Newborn Hybrid diapers come with a choice of size selection which varies from newborn range to 24 months old. A newborn usually dirty the diaper about 10 times or more in a day! This forces us to diaper them all day, but it isn’t healthy for our newborn’s sensitive skin, So what can we do? Choose the diaper size wisely! By choosing a less fit diaper for your baby, thus increases the air circulation and gives them the least chance for skin problems.


Well, both come with their pros and cons, What can you practically do? Easy, why can’t you choose both! In such a case Hybrid Diapers comes for the rescue, BDIAPERS Hybrid Diapers for newborns are cloth diaper cover with a waterproof pouch that can accommodate both disposable and cloth inserts, which gives the newborn’s sensitive skin the least exposure of chemicals with all benefits of a disposable diaper !!

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Even though newborns are heavy wetter's, we can choose a part of the day which they can enjoy without the diaper’s company. That way let some air out of the sensitive new skin or you can use BDIAPERS Hybrid newborn range as it provides better air circulation and provides the same comfort as it does with a non- diapering time!


Diapering is considered a vital part of a newborn’s life because of the exposure it provides to the intimate area. So while choosing a diaper one should consider the amount of chemical used, getting a scented diaper is convenient till we know the harm it causes, After the diaper gets wet the chemical used in the scented diapers mix with the pee/poop and creates a foul odor and creates irritation to the baby and causes a high risk of skin issues and many more health issues in future.


For premature babies finding a diaper that fits is a real-time issue and that can lead to leakage issues. Leakage issues are not that easy to manage; for a working mom or even a full-time mom leakage is a nightmare because of the heavy laundry they’ve to take care of! So more the leakage the more the laundry it is. BDIAPERS Newborn range has a waterproof pouch that prevents any possible leakage of pee or poop to the diaper cover part and necessarily reduces the need for laundry and the size fits perfectly which will also prevent any further leakage and gives a bonus non-laundry time!


A newborn mom is burdened with the task of diaper disposal. Each day a newborn uses up to 8-12 diapers a day that estimates at 240 – 360 diapers per month! Where do these go? Either they’ll go to disposable sites with the other household waste or to public areas which cause very serious health hazards. Using disposable diapers is convenient and comfortable till it comes to disposing of them. So what can we practically do? Always keep a separate bin for diapers, and before disposing of rill the disposable part and cover it using paper and that way the disposable material will be more compact or we should start thinking about an alternative like modern-day diapering, cloth diapering, hybrid diapers, etc. By using BDIAPERS Hybrid Diaper Range the solid waste can be separated from the disposable part and thus it goes to direct sewage and reduces the “Waste part“ of the whole system.


What will happen to a newborn’s skin if you are using diapers all day and night? Results will be worse than we thought- Allergies, Rashes, Yeast infection, Bacterial Infection are just the tip of the iceberg. When the diaper area comes in contact with stool or urine for a long time the rashes start appearing and it gets worse. You can avoid this by changing diapers frequently, cleaning the diaper area with proper bottom washes, applying a thick layer of diaper rash cream which acts as a barrier between the diaper and newborn’s skin. The BDIAPERS Newborn range has been designed especially to avoid vacuum formation between the baby’s skin and diaper portion and by that preventing the heat formation which causes the build-up of bacteria and resulting in Diaper Rashes. Even if you can’t completely avoid allergies you sure can prevent them from happening.

Diapering for a newborn is a challenging task but it gets easier with practice, time, and some tips. Enjoy your baby’s newborn phase. Because time flies and your little one grows fast 😊
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