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6 Ways To Prevent Diaper Rashes in Summer

Diapers have become an inevitable part of a baby’s life and so do the rashes that come with it. A diaper rash can be caused by the exposure of a baby’s skin for a prolonged period to wet or soiled diapers, a bacterial infection, yeast infection, but most diaper rashes are imminent during the summer due to the moisture that catalyzes due to the heat.

What is a diaper rash?

Diaper Rash or Diaper Dermatitis is the red or pink patches found in the diapering area caused by the prolonged use of wet/soiled diaper, friction from a tight diaper, or contact with urine or stool, etc. A diaper rash can occur at any time of diapering if we neglect the basics of diapering. Diaper rashes are a peril to the baby but it’s not untreatable.

Summer and diaper rash!

Summer is a great time for you and your baby to have pool time or a little sunbathe but what about those little red bumps that appear after your “mommy-baby” time. Diaper Rashes are caused by sweat or moisture coined by the atmospheric heat accompanied by chemicals present in a disposable diaper. Although summer diaper rashes are fatiguing to survive, we have bunches of preventive methods to keep these diaper rashes at bay!



The frequency of changing diapers plays a big role in the summer season, that is of course because of the sweat formation due to the heat and almost every mom has this misconception about only changing a diaper when it is soiled or wet regardless of the amount of time.

Changing a diaper at an interval of time needs to be necessitated in the summer season. The normal frequency should be changing the diaper once every 2-3 hours to avoid the formation of moisture. And what happens when the moisture forms? So does the bacteria! As we are paving way for the optimum atmosphere for bacteria formation and no surprise when rashes come with it. And you should consider a fixed place to change the diaper while at home, considering hygiene a baby needs as she/he is very susceptible to infections while changing the diaper.


How do you know your baby is fully cleaned and all set to go for the next diaper war? The thing is you don’t, all you can do is wear your super mommy outfit and do the best. Even if it is the sunny funny season you can’t ditch cleaning your baby’s diapering area with warm water, this can help with terminating the bacteria/ yeast in case there are any. And an alternative and more effective way of cleaning your baby’s bum is by using Bdiaper Soothing Bottom Wash, this is a natural Aloe based bottom wash that can be used to keep diaper area hygiene, this product acts as a hypoallergenic on the baby’s gentle skin with the perfect blend of calendula and aloe which nourishes the baby’s sensitive skin this bottom wash can be even used as an alternative for wipes and if you are using wipes always use wet wipes and avoid using scented one in the summer season as it aids in keeping the skin hydrated. Make sure your baby’s skin is pat dry instead of chafing.


Before choosing between disposable and cloth diapers, one should know about both. Commercial disposable diapers usually come in 3 layer that is an absorbent pad sandwiched between two sheets of fabric and gathers this arrangement into a panty form so that it fits around a baby’s legs and this is designed for normally one m time use, commercial diapers are mostly handy to use but the perils come with it are countless which starts with the safety of baby, The Commercial dye, Gel and fragrance loaded in this disposable are the main cause of diaper rashes in the summer season and the waste management is also a big challenge at this season. So switching to cloth diapers seems to be the next option you’ve, but what about the leakage and cloth diapers that are fully cloth are also very cumbersome and discomfort for the baby. And washing them after every use can be risky for the baby as we use commercial detergent which is loaded with chemicals and scent.

This leaves us with the choice of choosing something better and works both ways. That’s where Hybrid Diaper unshackles the worry. Bdiapers Hybrid Diapers comes with a cloth diaper cover with disposable inserts and washable inserts. The disposable part is made with plant cellulose which is eco-friendly and plastic back sheets to prevent leakage. The cloth diaper can be used until it’s soiled which is much better than using a cloth diaper and washing it every time after the use. Hybrid diapers are designed to fit the baby perfectly and prevent diaper rashes which results from the friction from tight cloth diapers. Bdiapers Hybrid Diapers are guaranteed rash-free, that is the icing on the cake.


What is with the cleaning and how that cause the diaper rashes? If you are a fan of cloth diapers and still your baby is getting diaper rashes, what can be the reason? One of the major reasons is the way you choose to wash the cloth diaper. Make sure that you are using scent-free, chemical-free laundry detergent. The harsh chemicals present in the laundry detergent are hard to wash away in a single wash and there is a high risk of accumulating these chemicals to the cloth diaper and can harm the baby’s skin in many ways. Hybrid Diapers have a waterproof pouch attached with the cloth cover which prevents further leakages and hurdles of washing after every single use.


Yes ! what they eat matters. When a baby starts consuming solid food the bowel movement changes with it, If your baby is consuming more acidic foods like citric, tomato there can be a change in Ph level of poop and it directly causes the diaper rashes to get worse. A solution to this cause is feeding them with more starchy food which even helps for diarrhea (Diarrhea makes diaper rash even worse) and to control the pH level of poop and stabilize the bowel movement.


Let them enjoy a diaper-free time. Fix a time where they can roam without a diaper and let them breathe some air! This prevents diaper rashes naturally and even helps with toilet training.


Coconut Oil:  The best home remedy for diaper rash Coconut oil has anti-inflammatory properties that aid with rashes and helps heal the diaper rash faster.

Olive Oil: Olive oil is best for babies who have an allergic reaction and it acts as an anti-microbial and even a great moisturizer also

Bdiapers Rash CreamBdiapers natural Rash cream is perfect for babies who diaper rash issues, The perfect blend of lavender and calendula extracts works miracles on baby’s skin and helps to get rid of diaper rash faster.


Your baby will need medical attention in case of diaper rashes are spreading to other parts of the body, Having fever with the appearance of diaper rashes, or having continuous diarrhea with rashes.


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