25 Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas 2020

25 Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas 2020

Picking the ideal baby shower gift can be challenging, especially if you want to get something unexpected for the expecting mothers. Good thing - you are at the right place for the baby shower list of gifts, which will definitely help you make progress in no time!

Here Is The List of Ideal Baby Shower Gifts 2020

1. Hybrid Cloth Diapers And Matching T-shirts

What better way to treat a newborn than getting them all-in-two diapers that provide comfort and convenience while rolling around in their cot and pumping up their legs? Combine the cloth diapers with matching t-shirts, and your kid is good to go to a picnic or a get-together.

2. An All-Round Diaper Bag

Diaper Bag

This isn't just a diaper bag where you can stuff baby wipes and diapers, but also functions as a gym bag, which the mother can put to good use when she leaves home. 

3. Baby-Bottle Warmer

Bottle Warmer

A baby-bottle warmer can be a timesaver for busy parents who can trust the machine to warm up the milk to the right temperature for their baby.

4. Baby Romper Outfit

Baby Romper Outfit

Are you looking for unique baby girl gifts? Look out for a pink and white romper combined with pants and headband, the sight of which will melt the mother's heart.

5. Pacifier Clips


Once babies learn to put their tiny hands to good use, by dropping and throwing, parents would be grateful to have one of these, so that they don't have to bend countless times in a day to pick up a pacifier from the floor.

6. Organic Muslin Swaddle Set

A swaddle set is one of the customary baby shower gifts that never fail to please the mom-to-be. To make the mother extra cheerful, select one made from organic muslin, for its breathable fabric is bound to put the baby at ease, and what's more? The more the number of washes, the softer it would get!

7. Stroller Organizer

Stroller Organiser

Nothing comes as handy as a stroller organizer when you need everything at your arm's reach, such as keys, phone, water, baby formula, pacifier, and teething toys - especially where there is a munchkin concerned!

8. Baby Carrier

Baby Carrier

Every parent takes delight in carrying their bundle of joy, but baby carriers can help rest the arms when the going gets exhausting. Momma would be happy to have her baby close but with free arms while grocery shopping!

9. Portable Baby Bed

Portable Baby Bed

When the mother needs to keep an eye on her little one while handling kitchen duties, a portable, plush baby bed or docking station, with an arch of dangling toys will keep him or her entertained and comfy.

10. Portable Diaper Changing Pad

Diaper Changing pad

This is among those baby shower gifts that the parents will be grateful for, especially if they must leave the house frequently, enabling a smooth diaper changing experience for both the baby and the mother.

11. Baby Boys' Clothing Set

Baby Boy Clothing Set

If a baby boys' clothing set, which includes bodysuits, blankets, caps, onesies, and bibs caught your eye, then consider yourself lucky for having found one of unique baby boy gifts that is certainly going to tickle the mother.

12. Baby Bathtub

Baby Bath Tub

A baby bathtub will be a blessing for mothers, especially during the first few weeks of postpartum, which will make bathing the baby by standing over the kitchen sink doable.

13. A Memory Journal For The Mother-To-Be

Journal For The Mother-To-Be

Which mother wouldn't love to record her angel's firsts?

14. Baby Wipe Warmer

A cold wipe can make the baby annoyed and fussy, so give the mother a baby wipe warmer, and this is going to keep both the mother and the child happy.

15. Nursing Cover

Choose a nursing cover (possibly chic) that'd serve multiple purposes. Convertible covers would help the mother while breastfeeding, serve as a scarf, and function as a car seat or shopping cart cover during other times.

16. Baby Blanket

Baby Blanket

A soft, lightweight, and luxurious blanket, warm enough to be used throughout the year for the baby on the way, can be a thoughtful baby shower gift.

17. Playmat


For babies, a playmat is not just a place to play, but also a spot where they learn to reach, fist, turn, and kick. In other words, playmats help babies develop hand-eye coordination along with their motor skills.

18. Outdoor Chair For Baby

Outdoor Chair

Once the parents are done pulling all-nighters, and the baby has started to settle in, the family might want to go on camping or a trip to the beach. An outdoor chair that can be folded up when not in use is one of the unique baby gifts that will keep them comfortable, safe, and secure, while the parents engage in exciting outdoor activities.

19. Nursery Care Kit

Grabbing a nursery kit with the necessary health care and grooming essentials is one of the excellent baby shower gift ideas that will get you in the expecting mother's good graces. A handy kit will have a thermometer, nail clippers designed for tiny, baby fingers, teether, brush, gum massager, and comb.

20. Baby Mittens

Baby mittens

Surprise the mom-to-be with hand-stitched mittens to help her keep the baby warm and toasty.

21. Baby Toys

baby toys

Babies love animals; if they are of the stuffed variety. Other favorites include rattles, sensory balls, and teethers.

22. Baby Booties

Baby Booties

There are practically no cuter baby gifts than a pair of little booties. This will be a fun gift, and coupled with animal baby socks will pull a giddy giggle out of the expecting mother.

23. Baby Bouncer

baby Bouncer

This would be a classic gift for parents whose babies need to be continually bounced to calm down.

24. Nursing Pillow

Nursing pillow

Resting the baby on a nursing pillow while or after breastfeeding can help take the weight off the arms while keeping them close, nonetheless.

25. Gift Basket

Baby Gift Basket

If you want to take baby shower gift ideas one step further to impress your expecting friend, then putting together an assortment of unique baby gifts will work in your favor. Throw organic muslin swaddle, bib, hybrid cloth nappies, nursing aprons, diapering essentials into the basket, some baby lotion and teething toys, and there you go.

Here's to babies on the way, making it okay, and giving them a perfect welcome, yay!

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