Swati, Graphic Designer

I’m Swati. I’m a Graphic design intern at Bdiapers but being Amritas other lunch buddy I’m involved in the entire process of sales to packing. I marvel at designs! I'm a Fashion Design graduate and the fashion aspect of our diapers is the most appealing to me. I also love babies! (who doesn’t) and since I’m doubling up as a social media planner too, I generally love researching chubby babies (since I was a chubby baby ). So if you see posts with wobbly cheeks, chubby thighs, drooly grins, and innocent eyes, that would all be me 

At Bdiapers, my favorite part is thinking of creatives to make our babies look cute and comfortable…One night, during my first week at Bdiapers, I had a very vivid dream - I saw two happy chubby babies laughing, playing, and rolling around on grass wearing cute printed diapers. I came to the office the next day with ideas on how our web banners on our new store should look!

I'm not a mother yet, but at Bdiapers I have learned to emotionally connect with babies in my own special way. I was a happy millennial working and partying my way to life but now when I meet my little cousin all I can think of is "is he comfortable" or “I could match that diaper with a bandana bib”. I’ve also had some great conversations with my mom over how I was prone to rashes as a baby, and that’s driven me more towards helping bring Bdiapers in the hands of every mother, like mine, who has a baby troubled with rashes. 

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