Amrita Vaswani Founder

Amrita Vaswani Founder

Motherhood is the bliss that brings with itself many changes in your life. A lot of those are triggered by sleepless nights, body issues, the stress of taking care of a little one AND diapers!

Writing this brings back vivid memories of those bygone days, that I can now cherish.  My first son was born in the US, where there were several brands of cloth diapers in cute prints. I came back to India with my stash and a sprightly 8-month-old, looking forward to my domestic life in India leaning on the proverbial ‘nanny’ culture. Cloth diapering was going to be a breeze. But with the constant parade of didis, ayas and akkas in and out of my life (and house), I fell out of love with my colorful stash. Every nanny heartbreak (at least initially) got me disenchanted with washing, airing, folding, stripping, resizing and then cleaning up the occasional leaks – I was losing my battle with sanity. I read up on hard water, vinegar soaks, boiling, “stripping” and every possible degree I could get on MCDs (Modern Cloth Diapers as they’re called), but I couldn’t bring back the love.

I was determined to raise my baby with the ‘healthy’ and committed to doing my bit for the environment. It was that time that I discovered hybrids! An idea to reduce trash, increase reuse AND keeping the convenience of disposables.

That was the start of the design of Bdiapers

 Why Bdiapers

Why “Bdiapers”? Simply because BumChum Diapers (the 1st brand of MCDs in India) lost its registry by the time I was done with mummying and ready to register the brand and grow it. Till then it was a home-based business to keep me busy and sane. But by then the “B” was embroidered on my products; so Bdiapers was the obvious choice

 What’s a Bdiaper Hybrid?

Hybrids are simply cloth shell covers with disposable inserts. Bdiapers is slightly different in that it is a true labor of love by a fan mom (yours truly). The cloth covers are designed in a 2-part system which is convenient and eco-friendly ( less washing needed) . Each and every aspect of the diaper is carefully designed by an obsessive mom who always stressed on ‘safety’ and comfort.

The other little secret about me is how frugal I am (and a butt of all kanjoos jokes in school)!The premium price tags on organic diapers were mocking my frugality and it was then that I decided to make Bdiapers affordable by making every part detachable and only the Bio soakers chemical-free.

The Convenience of Disposables

So Hybrid took care of my need for affordable and convenience, now I only had to worry about the healthy…which is when I designed the bio soakers. Our bio soakers are chemical , bleach , fragrance and dye free AND manufactured in India! They hold as good as a diaper ( 3-5 hours depending on the age of the baby ). 

 Doing our Bit for the Planet

I also like Hybrids for the reason of proper waste disposal. When I used the soakers, I generally tossed the solid waste in the toilet bowl and flushed it down. Then I wrapped the soiled soaker in newspaper and disposed of as non-biodegradable separated waste (as one would with a sanitary napkin). Soiled diapers shouldn’t be left in regular trash which is often consumed by stray animals (milk giving cows and dogs). Because we are also responsible for their health and wellbeing.

Hybrids are also greener as you can use the same cover through-out the day with a simple change of inserts (3-4 hours pls) or the pouch. So, less washing and more time for baby shenanigans!

Fun and Cute Accessories

As an added bonus, Bdiapers come with matching T-shirts, Bandana Bibs and Headbands to complete the look. I realized that up to 2 years (more for my 2nd baby than first) babies were mostly home, and in diapers …So why not make diapers a part of our kids' wardrobe. I had some fun with this new line of ‘clothing’. The matching T-shirts come in different personas so that babies look cute and trendy, and be safe and comfortable all at the same time  .

And to cover your diapering journey and help you along the way we have launched several nifty accessories that you will love! My favorite of them is the SafetyB Silicone Diaper Fasteners. Please check these out on our website and like us on Facebook for updates on more to come!

This is my story and my journey into launching Bdiapers. I hope you enjoy my labor of love. Please give me feedback on what you think – whether you love it or hate it, I’d love to hear from you! Call me at +91 9999689108 or send me an email at or tap us on our Insta or Facebook.


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